Autumn Cleaning

We all know that cleaning can be a bit of a drag…but it has the potential to be fun.

With winter approaching it’s important that you clean and dust any stuck in dust and dirty so that you can use your radiators safety.

Ive had the pleasuring of being sent a “Andrée Jardin cleaning bundle” from Chefs Collection to help me with my autumn tidy up!

I’ve recieved a Andrée Jardin

Ostrich Feather Duster

Dust Pan & Brush

Washing Up Kit

The kitchen tends to be my favorite spot to clean…mainly because I’m normally in there cooking up a family meal or baking up a storm….

However I know how it is to not forget those hard to reach places and places often forgot about. So I’ve made a personal list of things to clean and tidy up before the winter comes.

Autumn Must-Not Forget List

  1. Inspect and clean radiators and furnace
  2. Dust all hard to reach places
  3. Clean out fireplace
  4. Clean behind the refrigerator
  5. Clean gutters
  6. Check windows and door seals
  7. Check dryer’s exhaust tube and vent for lint and debris.
  8. Drain hoses and shut off outdoor water valves.
  9. Check smoke and carbon dioxide detectors
  10. Over and store outdoor furniture

What is on your checklist this year?

Share with me here or on my Instagram post.


Getting My Eyebrows Microbladed

Yes, yes I did! Actually I got my eyebrows Microbladed.

I shared some of the process on Instagram stories at my first appointment, and a TON of you have been asking me about it since!

To show you the cold hard difference that good eyebrows make, I’m sharing my no-makeup, non-edited photo before and after shots. You’re welcome in advance.

I had mine done in Norwich by Phoebe Jones Beauty who is professionally trained I’m Everlasting Brows, and had such a great experience. It hurt at some main points expecially at the brow some (some say it doesn’t hurts alot but is much less painful than a tattoo). For reference, if you’ve ever had a shaded tattoo, that’s what it feels like. I have eight tattoos. If you’ve ever had your eyebrows threaded it’s helps to stretch the skin to avoid a tugging like pain.

Do I absolutely love the results and would I do it all over again? Yes! Which I will do eventually. It’s only a semi permanent tattoo, so it will wear off within a year on average (more or less) of having them done. I don’t normally wear makeup every day and it makes me feel like I can pop to the shop with something on my face. Plus the less makeup I buy or wear while still feeling confident, the better!

About 20 minutes before my appointment a had numbing cream slathered on my brows.

Then Phoebe measured me up to find where my perfect brows are eventually going to be. She helped me gain a new wing and arch that I was missing and go for a bit more of a fuller look.

There is a video explaining the process on my Instagram stories for more info!

Here the before and after. I’m currently still healing and will update my progress on my highlights. I love my new brows and definitely recommend the procedure. Phoebe knows what she is doing, makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Make sure you give her follow and for more info…

This year we thought we had to skip out on the romance to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary as my sons birthday falls nearby in the same week. We haven’t had much ‘romantic’ time in the past year..or ever had a date since the birth of my son.

As the flame burns quietly in the background of our busy lives as parents we were desperate for an destination close to home that had a the ‘Kid Friendly’ tag with the ‘Romantic Adult Time’ options.

So, we decided to go to the valley…the happiest of valleys…

Happy Valley Norfolk is found on nine acres of woodland in rural Norfolk, it’s a fantastic destination for those who love the nature, woodland and all things outside. The area is also home of a Norfolk Wildlife Trust, making it a true escape in Norfolk best attributes. Of course with that, comes nature walks and connecting with a calmness that can’t be found in busy city life.

However it’s the attention to detail, comfortable luxury, kid-friendly activities and romantic mid-night hot tub time with the husband that made this trip a true step-back and breathe escape. The serene woodland that surrounded us with a big hug from the tall trees was simple luxury and waking up to singing birds was definitely the best body-mind-soul connecting experience I’ve had on a holiday.

We were so happy to stay at the new secluded lodge at Happy Valley Norfolk called Toad Hall for two nights because of its awesome location tucked away in the woods and on-site personal hot tub for us to have an romantic escape within a few feet from our sound asleep baby.

We had such a wonderful weekend. It’s definitely a family focused site. With ample things for the us to do on site, we could really focus connecting with each other and nature.

Here are the highlights of our stay at Happy Valley Norfolk.


Our lodge was across the road from the entrance of Happy Valley and was almost like a completely secluded part of the lush woodland. Complete part disabled/ peak friendly ramp with an entrance hallway, kitchen, lounge, kids sleeping area with bunk beds, modern bathroom with walk in shower, two bedrooms..king size bed downstairs with double doors leading onto the morning terence and wet room all on the ground floor and double bed upstairs with a balcony overlooking the tall trees that surrounded the lodge. Also the air source heating that is available would make staying at Toad Hall any time of year comfortable and toasty all year around.

There was ample space for all of us to move around. We stayed in the downstairs room and had a cot in our room with Weston.

The lodge is well decorated with a bohemian, modern minimalist feel and the whole lodge lit up with sun throughout the day thru the massive floor to ceiling windows letting in sunlight that gave the lodge a warm glow.

Toad Hall at sunset is just about the most thing I have ever seen and words cannot describe the feeling throughout the lodge as the sun set on Happy Valley. So here is a picture…that just doesn’t do it justice.

We were also well stocked up with essentials in the kitchen including a child’s cutlery set and plates. I loved walking up and walking outside on the balcony with a cup of coffee and breathe in the fresh air. We enjoyed ending nights with Weston by having a lounge in the living room to chill out and unwind after a busy day exploring the woodland found behind the main site of Happy Valley across the road.

Toad Hall was such a perfect space for all of us to unwind and live in the moment.


As I mentioned already, we loved the woodland area. It was perfect warm weather for our entire stay, we loved soaking up the sun’s rays and chilling in the wooded area on a nature walk in the woods.

The woodland that surrounds Happy Valley was lush and fun to explore. We explored the lovely pond and walk bridge and if Weston was old enough we would have put in on the tire swing.


Although the woodland and nature walk was fun there was so much to do at the lodge itself. Simplicity was what we wanted.

Weston loved to run stark naked outside, my husband loved to unwind with movies on the sofa and I enjoyed relaxed by meditating and doing yoga on the balcony outside surrounded by the sound of the earth. It has everything that we could possibly want.

And of course the end of day meant a relaxing chill-out in the hot tub complete with lights, jets and beautiful views. A glass of champagne let us unwind and reconnect with each other.

Happy Valley has a barn for weddings and event to be held, cabins, a tree temple, huts and bell tents to stay the night in and experience true connection with nature.

As you can tell, its really big property leaving lots of space for everyone. The Happy Valley property is also available to hire out for events and make the perfect place for celebrations in a serene atmosphere.


The family run site is something we truly love. Katy and Scott are fabulous and really go out of their way to ensure everyone is happy and having fun. I won’t forget to mention how cute their tech-savvy son is helping us with the hot tub settings.

I’ll be at Happy Valley again at Tribe Norfolk Weekend in September to have a little boogie with my family and maybe purchase some new vintage bits and enjoy all the on-site entertainment for my family. Why not join me?


Would you like to enter in a chance to win a Family ticket to Tribe Norfolk Weekend?

Head over to my Instagram page and find the image above for instructions!


22 – 23rd September 2018


A celebration of all that is Norfolk. You can expect music, workshops, Norfolk makers and produce market, wellness, incredible foodies, family yoga, hoola hooping, mix media art classes, woodcombing, Star Gazing, Dancing, Bar and a whole lot more at this laid back, family friendly gathering.

**includes free camping on Troy’s Hill.

More about:

Guests will be able to enjoy the beauty of the wild, the splendour of Norfolk creatives, taste fabulous cuisine, dance to an array of Norfolk Musicians, buy local treats at the Norfolk Produce and Makers Market. Enjoy a range of activities for all ages plus enjoy holistic therapies in the nurturing and supportive community in which Tribe Norfolk has become.

Have you found this blog of Happy Valley Norfolk helpful? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

The Ultimate 1st Birthday

This past weekend was Weston’s first birthday. Where has all this time gone? From squirmy wormy to toddling tot.

As I wiped my burning teardrops…I asked myself…how do I keep my mind off thinking about how fast my little boy is growing?

Put all my energy it planning a fun, engaging and epic 1st Birthday? Of course. Whatever keeps me from crying…


Let’s start with one of the MOST IMPORTANT element of a planning a first birthday…any birthday…


Research and Instagram stalk cake makers…

@Ellesebakes fell into my fast typing hands when I was watching my local Great Yarmouth stories… a lesson for all you on how to utilize social media…

A big requirement and request I had was NO Fondant! I despise the dry, tasteless, old toothpaste cake covering. I needed a talented and creative cake maker who’s cakes not only look great but taste excellent.

As the first step, I took in party planning the theme and idea changed and through MANY messages, Ellese stuck with me and help me create the perfect cake for Weston.

She not only went above and beyond to help me create the cake but she obviously researched my Instagram and my LOVE for macarons…and incorporated macarons from my favourite Norwich shop that hand makes them.

Planning the cake helped me develop the overall theme for Weston’s party…

WILD ONE- with woodland, natural and cute animal elements!

Also, me doing my Instagram research I meet a superstar #BOSSMAMA who does incredible party decorations and modern children’s party hire toys!

Once I told @playdatewithmycrew my theme she had a perfect idea and helped me make my food/treat table a real showstopper!

Balloons, Decor and More

I love this balloon arch filled with all the colours to coincide with the party theme. She even found the most adorable bunting with bears, trees, and more that fit the theme perfectly!

Without this decor, my table would be sitting under a non-blossomed wisteria tree and brick wall.

All the different colours in the arch pulled everything together so well. Using my already owned elements including a light up letter “W”, “wild” sign, stuffed tiger, wood slate plates, and a fresh party jug of REAL lemonade to fit the theme helped cut cost and pick a theme I’ve already been using with Weston’s nursery.

Matching plates, cups, and napkins I found on eBay that someone was selling originally from Wilko.

My table cover was a £3 charity shop crochet bohemian blanket over a plastic green picnic blanket.


We decided to feed a crowd by doing an American style selection with European influences.

MAIN: Pulled Pork and Beef BBQ Sandwiches

🌱Vegetarian options: Cheese and Onion Quiche.


Sausage Rolls

Cowboy Beans: Regular beans add bacon, brown sugar and onions.

Salad: Three dressing options

Kiddies: Soup Bread…super easy to find the recipe here:


Originally I was going to make a grazing platter but I was running low on time after returning from our Butlins trip so I had three different platters available and my OCD was left intact.

Veggie platter: carrots, celery, and coloured peppers…served with a dill and sour cream sauce.

Cheese and Fruit: apricot and cheddar cheese, misc. fruit and crackers. Olives on the side.

Meat: various curried meats and tomatoes.

I hoped to have a selection for everyone to enjoy..wish I took a picture of everything but I was super busy hosting and enjoying the day!


A very important staple to every child’s party is the entertainment. How are you going to entertain those wiggly kids all afternoon?

Grab a few toys from the house suitable for the outdoors, a few ride on toys…Weston received a Little Tikes car and Quad bike for his birthday…so perfect timing.

Oh and grab yourself a Bouncy Castle…everyone loves a bouncy castle!

I normally go to a really fun playgroup at Cribs and Bibs in Great Yarmouth and they happen to rent out the massive inventory or bouncy castles and soft play to people.

A big store itself, selling all sorts of baby and children essentials…it’s also has a new “Stay and Play” area where you can pay £1.50 to let your children play on the equipment.

They also host birthday parties and it’s a BLOCK from my husband’s work. Not to mention the owner even helped me with a minor “car trouble” problem in the car park! 5* customer service!

Definitely check them out here:

Weston’s outfit: Next (found in store last one) not available online! (Insert evil laugh).

We rented the “Jungle” theme bouncy castle and it was great for all ages! I even got to do a black flip to relive my Cheerleading days.

Thankfully we didn’t capture that moment on camera!

Overall a very memorable day. Weston may not remember it but I will remember throwing him a great first birthday!

My main point is I was SO busy planning it I forgot for a moment how fast he is growing.

Writing this now I am watching him play with his toys and realising how fast he has changed.

What he has learned to do this past year…his little characteristics.

I will wipe my tears with the sheer memory that he had a wonderful first birthday.

Now I need to slow my rope until his fifth…

***A big thank you to all the wonderful business involved in making Weston’s day really special. X Please support local and small businesses !!!

April: Cesarean Awareness Month

c section
I had an elective C-Section
I studied the books.
I learned how to breathe.
I took all the courses that I might need.
I had an elective C- Section
I practiced Hypnobirthing.
My lung clasped.
A week in the hospital with tubes running out of my back.
I had an elective C- Section
Extreme anxiety had set in.
I had an elective C-Section 
They told me I couldn’t push.
24 hours in.
“No sorry we cant CANT give you gas and air”
Please, take this epidural
Lose control.
Give the power to US.
Lay there.
I didn’t want an emergency c-Section.
I was scared…just laying there.
I told my husband…
“I want an elective c-Section”
Saturday, May 20th, 2017
I lay there at 2pm. Scared of an allergic reaction to induction. I started to feel hot.
I had an elective…
I was rolled into surgery. The doctor called roll call and as everyone stated their name and job they were to perform HE said “patient” and I answered … “no ..mother”
I had an elective c-Section
My husband entered the room.
I was happy as can be. I felt relaxed and I was singing a tune then I remember seeing my husband in scrubs and thinking how handsome he looked.
I had an elective c-Section
My waters broke and I felt like the waves of the sea were crashing at my feet.
A little pulling and stretching.
My husband said he saw smoke…
I had an elective c-Section
I hear his cry
I see his little body rise above the curtain.
I had an elective c-Section.
The nurse took him away…I didn’t like that.
She took all his stats and wrapped him up.
I couldn’t see his face.
I had an elective c-Section
My husband was holding him, I begged and pleaded for him to lean him down more so I could see him.
But my husband wasn’t confident with holding him and I begged as I tried to peep at my child’s face over the blankets he was wrapped in.
I had an elective c-Section
I was stitched up and all I wanted was to have that skin to skin….put him to my breast…
I had an elective c-Section
I finally had my baby.
He was nursing and I was in heaven.
I was scared I wasn’t doing it right.
I was so in love.
It was meant to be.
It was all worth it.
He came into the world undamaged.
He came into the world calmly without any need for an emergency or fright.
I was calm. I was filled with emotion.
I gave birth.
April is Cesarean Awareness Month I felt like sharing with you all a little poem I wrote about my birth experience.
Whatever situation you are put in, you are the mother.
You are not alone.
Lingerie: Ellicelydia
I have teamed up with my best friend Ellicelydia, a body confident lingerie designer, to bring you mamas out there a line of maternity, post pardon, and motherhood friendly lingerie…that is actually beautiful, sexy, and comfortable.
Make sure you follow Ellicelydia on Instagram
where we will be announcing some exciting casting calls for breastfeeding mamas, c-section mamas, or if you have a birth/motherhood story you would like to share.
c sectionss

Expat Seclusion, Motherhood and The Real Nitty Gritty of Raising A Child Without a Village.

Is it true what they say? Does it really take a village to raise a child?

I am nearly 12 months into taking motherhood by the basket balls and just trying to do my best at raising our son.

Today was one of those days were I just felt so alone in this.

Blogging/Instagram has been my sanity to keeping an identity for myself since moving to the UK. A way to connect and feel close to my family and friends back home. I don’t feel so lonely with all you guys. But as much as I wish you can’t pull me out of the house from your phone screen.

Here in England, I live in quite a secluded area and a lot of blogging work and friends live in or near the city which can be hard to find time to go to play groups or meet ups…or for a coffee as it’s a 40 minute drive…and with Weston it’s not exactly easy or predictable.

I woke up this morning.

Dressed, refreshed and ready to go, when I realised I had nothing to do. Normally my only option to get out of the house was to walk aimlessly about shops. I realised I was developing a bad habit to try to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t get bored and well in today’s case…lonely or sad. I normally feel guilty if I don’t take Weston to do something in the world once a day. But I was sick of wasting time and really tired of the same places…and walking around alone, or going to the park alone.

I took Weston the the little shop up the road from us and seen two mums with prams walking their kids around the neighbourhood, and as I sat there giving Weston some of my ice cream I looked at him feeling guilty he didn’t having many friends. I am his mother and I know right now I am all he needs but maybe it’s me that craves that sort of friendship?

What I wanted to do was to wake up this morning was to go visit my parents house, or go have lunch with my sister, go to a play date with my cousins and their babies. But I cant do that. I don’t have someone who will just randomly show up in the afternoon to keep Weston and I company for a chat. I know plenty of people who would come over if I invited them.

This morning I just felt I needed to hear a knock at my door and my father or mother be on the other side, excited to see Weston.

I love all the people that have been so kind inviting me to baby groups, coming over for a chat but I feel in a way that they pity me or it leaves me feeling how you would feel after a one night stand and you are left alone in the morning. Wondering.

Baby groups.

Gosh they feel so lonely as well! Not intentionally but I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in the corner quietly and played with Weston socially and awkwardly afraid to strike up a conversation. Completely my fault but it’s like going to a strangers wedding. You want to go to have fun, but everyone knows each other and is dancing and your sitting in the back enjoying the free drinks. Well…baby groups to me is a free drink… an excuse to get out of the house so Weston can play with kids his age.

So, I often ask myself does it take a village to raise a child?

I love being a mama, and it’s the one thing I thought I’d be really good at in life.

Well, I try my best to be good at. It’s really hard to be good at anything. But when you feel alone you are constantly judging yourself and evaluating your parenting because when your the one with your child 24/7 and when your tired or sick and you just can’t call someone to help or give you a break… you feel like your breaking too.

While I have my husband… he works and I am often left at home with Weston all day and Weston is nearly in bed when he comes home. I am not truly alone…I know that and it’s my problem I feel lonely!

I am an expat…an American expat who has a big ol American family back home. That big ol’ American family is the closest, strongest and most beautiful family I know. I crave the family Christmas parties, the new cousin arrivals…the birthday parties, the baby showers. All of which Weston will miss out on. He wont have 20 cousins to play with or go run around with. His aunties won’t make him birthday cakes and his granddad won’t teach him how to throw a football. He won’t be American. And I’ve come to terms with that but I do feel bad he won’t grow up surrounded by so many people you won’t know who is who unless you write it down on a piece of paper. You can only do so much from across the pond and boy when he is in America, they do they spoil him like he never left. And for me it feels so good knowing that just because we live in a different country…that doesn’t mean they love us any less!

Not only when you leave your home country, do you leave your family and friends…you are also trying to figure out “regular English” things as well.

Everything from how the health care system to now the school system works for children can be a bit strange.

The best way I could explain it is…imagine…

Your whole life you grew up knowing chocolate taste sweet.

Then you move to a different country and they tell you…”Yes chocolate is sweet, but in England it is ____”.

I am adapting for now unless they change Walkers crisps to Lays chips…then I give up.

I’ve had a lot of wonderful, kind and beautiful people here in England extend their hand out to friendship. But nothing can replace the people that know you best, your family.

I have met other expat mamas…mainly who live in London. And while they know my heartbreak and have helped me with visa paperwork, very scary birth registrations abroad and “lonely mama support” they are not near enough me to give me what I crave…a band of friends who I can call family.

So if your an expat of any kind, or far away from family send me a message, I feel your pain! Hey maybe your stuck in the country too!

And thank you to all my friends here who have helped me thru my pregnancy, hosted and came to my baby shower when you barley knew me… and to Georgina for helping me after birth when I was soaking in a t shirt crying when my milk came in because I had no idea what was going on because no one actually told me that’s what happened and I laugh about it to this day.

Also to another friend, Jos who gave me great breastfeeding support! Telling me to tell anyone who doubted my boobie power to f*uk off 🙂 -the whole story of another day!

I am not afraid to admit I am not a perfect Mama. But damn doing it with just my partner and I isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

I fantasised about being able to ring up my mom and dad and ask them to swing by and help out for an hour. But because I am a stay at home mom I don’t feel like I can ask for this or deserve this.

I feel ungrateful saying I am lonely but it’s the truth. I can have plenty of friends but I’ve only been here for 2.5 years and haven’t really bonded with anyone that I could say would pull me out of bed by my feet and make me smile on a bad day. That’s a lot of responsibility for a friend.

Our lives are here in the UK. My life is here, my husband and our son are here. This is my home.

Maybe we don’t need a village after all. After all this time spend getting trying to get through it…we eventually do.

I eventually will.

They See Me Rollin’ With CarShop GB



Last week we had a great opportunity to borrow an Audi Q3 S-line from The CarShop in Norwich, Norfolk for the week because our family is at the stage of wanting a second car after receiving my UK licence…WOO HOO!

We had a great experience with Carshop, who is considered the best-used car retailer in the industry winning 2017- Used Car Independent Retailer of The Year Award, from the Motor Trader Awards.

Mama’s Brownie Points Awarded Because…

*There are over 4000 cars in stock to look at online!

We are fortunate that we have some savings and essentially are looking to buy our car outright. But if you need to finance you can start your application online at …it only takes 60 seconds!

*If you have a car to trade in (this time we are keeping our current Vauxhall Astra) you can get an evaluation on the website. It’s very simple.

*Price Match: If you find a car cheaper somewhere else within 48 hours of purchasing…THEY WILL REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE! I found this be truly excellent from a used car group to even offer.


So let me take you through our CarShop Journey…

From Home to Norwich City

A prominent location and easy to get to…the car park was massive of course! They even have their outdoor showroom organised by the category of the car (SUV, Sport/Performance, Hybrid, etc) which made it easy to locate the exact car you are looking for.



When you arrive you are greeted by someone, and because of the wide range of cars that are sold they make sure a dedicated team of staff are there to help.

We had a lovely and friendly lady help us, who also giggled and interacted with Weston. Those little touches are so special when purchasing a car.

The Sit Down


We take a seat in a comfortable, open and welcoming area…big enough for a pram and for Weston to have some room to wiggle about!

After collecting our information and evaluating what payment plan would work best for us, we are shown two options for different cars. We ended up picking the Audi Q3 S-line, which we think is perfect for what our growing family needs.

TEST DRIVE: Normally at this point, you would then test drive your car and if you see fit afterwards…confirm everything with your dedicated staff member and let them know you’re happy to go ahead.

Finance Options
Once you’re happy with your choice you would then discuss finance options with a business specialist.



We had a wonderful experience with our car reveal…

Carshop makes purchasing a car and experience. The car reveals they do makes you feel like a little 16-year-old girl from My Super Sweet 16 on MTV…

(See the boomerang on my Instagram)

car re

We were so excited to take our new car for a spin! CarShop even ‘Swagged’ out our car with drinks in every cup holder nearly…candy and popcorn in all the armrest and compartments, a full car cleaning kit, and even VIP tickets to BTCC racing day with Aiden Moffatt…which is actually going to be our first date ‘day’ since having Weston.

Swagged out and ready to go, we decided to let my Instagram followers vote on our Mystery Road Trip we were going to take with our new Audi for the day.

Voted by poll my followers had the option to send us to Colchester or Southwold.

Southwold was the winner!


So we headed up, packed up and set off for the seaside for a family fun-filled day!

The rest of the week I spent rolling around in #coolmama style and my husband basically telling me every cool little feature about the car itself. If you’re interested in that you can view my dedicated CarShop story on my Instagram Highlights.


Overall, a truly fantastic experience, and cannot recommend enough… If you are looking for your next car be sure to give CarShop GB a try, you never know with the number of vehicles they have to offer and experts at hand… you may come away with the vehicle even you never expected!

Are you curious about what questions to ask a newborn baby photographer when looking to book a newborn shoot? 

My trusted photographer friend Jess Wilkins has stopped by to bring you mamas some great advice in regards to questions you should ask when booking your precious angels first photoshoot…and if your anything like me this is a BIG DEAL.  Finding a trusted, well recommended professional might prove to be easy on the internet,  but there are some unsaid questions you may realise are important especially have if you don’t hold a lot of experience booking quality photography.

So everyone please give a warm welcome to Jess Wilkins to scroll below for some great information!



Hi I am Jess, a newborn and family photographer based in Norwich Norfolk.

With a lot of photographers to choose from these days,  I have compiled a list of questions you can ask when researching a bay photographer.

5 (1)

It is by no means an essential. But a photographer who has been trained in newborn posing means they have learned how to soothe and pose your baby safely. A key way to know, is to as and look at their newborn images – do the babies look cosy and content?  An experienced newborn photographer will know how to settle a baby and have the confidence to handle them,  making the shoot very relaxed and enjoyable for parents.


5 (2)

You may want someone to come to you, or do you want a studio based photographer. Feel free to ask questions on what facilities they have or how much space they need if traveling to you.


5 (3)

Many of us photographers get booked up months ahead allocating a set amount of slots for newborn babies. If you find a photographer you like, ensure to ask them what their availability and when is best to book. Also, ask for prices so you know if they fit your budget. Many will have a price list on their website.


5 (4)

If you like props then ask what ones the photographer has. My style is simple and natural, therefore I have very few props at the studio such as hats, rompers, headbands. If you want someone with lots of props and outfits then ask if they have these, look at their images does their style fit your needs and likes?


5 (5)

A photographer should be happy to talk to you about safety. Many of us talk about safety on our facebook pages, some local photographers train other photographers in this area. Sometimes an image is the result of a bit of Photoshop magic, you need to feel confident in whoever you book.

I go into more detail about choosing the right photographer over at my blog. A great read to help you identify what you need to look for to ensure you pick the photographer for your family.

Email me on

A newborn shoot is not an essential it is a luxury and you will not regret investing in a photoshoot whoever you book!


jess wil

Jess Wilkins

Hi!  I am Jess a newborn specialist and family photographer, my aim is to photograph your bump, newborn or family in a calm  & natural way.
I’m a professional photographer based in Norwich and have been working for over 5 years with families and babies. Also a mother of two beautiful children who keep me busy.  My home studio in Norwich (Sprowston) is very welcoming and homely with plenty of free parking nearby.
I take my time with all my clients to ensure we get those portraits you’ll treasure and want to look back on in years to come. Babies and children really do grow up fast and I want to capture these precious moments!
My style with all shoots – especially newborn babies – is timeless and natural. If you are looking to invest in a photoshoot, but want the focus on your baby and family (not on props or bright colours ) then have a look at my galleries  You will see I use a neutral colour palette & textures meaning your images will be beautiful and timeless.
I do not rush my sessions; whether they are at the studio (ideal for under 1’s) or outside on location at the beach, park or your favourite spot in Norfolk.